The Great Ford SYNC 3

There are many reasons to purchase a 2018 Ford vehicle. These vehicles are packed with features both inside and out. One of the best reasons to get a Ford is the amazing SYNC 3 system. SYNC 3 is an advanced infotainment system that allows drives to complete a large number of amazing tasks.

With SYNC 3 the drivers experience is so much smoother. With SYNC Connect drivers can track their location and access features, such as start, lock and unlock, and fuel level. Voice recognition will allow the driver to access their favorite apps or get directions to a local…

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Bad Battery?

There are many signs that could mean your car battery is failing. The car battery powers everything in your vehicle. Your stereo might be an indicator of a bad battery. The lights on the stereo could be fading. You might check to make sure there isn't an option to adjust the lights and it wasn't accidentally switched. Your stereo also might not even turn on. This could be your battery. It might also be something internal.

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Drive a Used Car to Stay Frugal

If you are someone who is always careful about the way that you spend your money, you should know that there is nothing wrong with driving a used car. When you are shopping for a car, you will find used options that are affordable and that give you all that you want from a set of wheels.

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Better To Lease Or Buy in Ortonville?

As you think about getting your next vehicle, you should be considering whether you will buy it or lease it. There are reasons that both of these scenarios are unique for local Ortonville drivers, which is why our team at Randy Wise Ford Inc. is focused on nailing down which is best for you.

When You Are Thinking Of Buying A Car

Remember that when you purchase a car, the repairs are your responsibility. You will own the vehicle after you pay it off, and that will be great. The car can be yours until you have to get another…

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Get Covered With GAP Insurance from Randy Wise Ford Inc.

GAP insurance does just what it implies - it fills a gap in your coverage. If you already have insurance, you can purchase GAP coverage in addition to your insurance. It will cover you against any losses if the amount of compensation that you get from a total loss does not fully cover the amount that the insured owes on the financing or lease agreement on the vehicle.

If you are unfamiliar with GAP insurance or have any questions about it, you can always talk to a representative at Randy Wise Ford Inc., and they will be able to explain what…

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The Ford Escape helps you navigate life more easily

Your hands don't always need to be full, at least not when you're driving the 2017 Ford Escape. This crossover is ready and waiting to help you navigate both long and windy roads as well as an uber-busy day. You can find it right here at Randy Wise Ford.


You have a lot on your hands. We have just the trick to make you feel unstoppable. #FordEscape

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We're proud to host this model here in Ortonville. We know you'll love…

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Advanced New Features Make the 2018 Ford F-150 Easy to Drive

Do you long for a truck, but fear a full-size pickup would be too daunting to drive? The massive proportions of a truck can turn off a lot of would-be buyers who could benefit from the utility.

Don't despair. The fiercely modern 2018 F-150 has the latest innovations to make driving, and even towing bulky trailers, a cinch.

Available adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go capability takes the hassle out of busy traffic. Simply set a cruise control speed, and the 2018 F-150 will maintain a safe following distance from the vehicle in front of it—even if that vehicle…

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Benefits Of Having Your Vehicle Serviced At Randy Wise Ford

There are hundreds of different place that service vehicles today. It seems like there is one on every corner almost. So you may be asking yourself why should I bring my car, truck, or SUV to the service team at Randy Wise Ford. We have three very good reasons to let our service team take care of your vehicle.

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2017 Ford Explorer Causes a Stir Amongst MotorWeek Staffers

If ever there were a full-size crossover that could make us here at Randy Wise Ford flat-out flip our lid, ours -- the 2017 Explorer -- would have to be it.

And what makes it so, exactly?

Our pals over at MotorWeek are here to provide the necessary context; tag along with them in the video below:

The bad boy of the Explorer's powertrain portfolio, the available turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 engine is not for the faint of heart.

Offered exclusively with the Sport and Platinum trims, the turbo-V6 couples with a six-speed automatic transmission to churn out a colossal 365…

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