Ford Grows Its Renewable Future in Bamboo

Why is bamboo the new poster child (poster plant?) of renewable resources? Because it epitomizes the concept of "renewable."

Technically speaking, wood is a renewable resource. Trees grow, and land can become forested in less than half a century. Compared with fossil fuels, which take millions of years to regenerate, that's pretty good.

But bamboo? Bamboo reaches maturity in less than five years.

It can grow up to three feet every day, and it's harder than certain metals. That's because bamboo isn't "wood," even though it may resemble wood. It's actually the largest member of the grass family, and like all grasses, growing fast is its specialty.

Ford is looking forward to taking advantage of bamboo's incredible renewable properties. Soon, new Ford vehicles may contain reinforced composite plastics made with bamboo that will be lighter, stronger, and create fewer carbon emissions than the materials they replace.

All of our new models at Randy Wise Ford Inc. contain renewable, eco-friendly materials. Stop by for a test drive and learn more.

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