The Great Ford SYNC 3

There are many reasons to purchase a 2018 Ford vehicle. These vehicles are packed with features both inside and out. One of the best reasons to get a Ford is the amazing SYNC 3 system. SYNC 3 is an advanced infotainment system that allows drives to complete a large number of amazing tasks.

With SYNC 3 the drivers experience is so much smoother. With SYNC Connect drivers can track their location and access features, such as start, lock and unlock, and fuel level. Voice recognition will allow the driver to access their favorite apps or get directions to a local destination. SYNC 3 also features easy destination entry, which makes it very easy to find local attractions. Audible turn-by-turn navigation, assures that you will make it right to your destination.

SYNC 3 works will with both Androids and Apple products. This provides easy access to a number of apps including Google Now and Google Music. If technology is high on your list when choosing a new vehicle, SYNC 3 is something you must check out.

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