Bad Battery?

There are many signs that could mean your car battery is failing. The car battery powers everything in your vehicle. Your stereo might be an indicator of a bad battery. The lights on the stereo could be fading. You might check to make sure there isn't an option to adjust the lights and it wasn't accidentally switched. Your stereo also might not even turn on. This could be your battery. It might also be something internal.

Usually a failing battery is associated with other symptoms. Your car won't turn over when you stick the key in the ignition or turns over slowly. Your headlights are dim or fade. Your interior lights are also weak. These signs in combination with a failing stereo could mean a bad battery.

You can visit our dealership today for more information on car batteries. We can perform a simple diagnostic test on your battery to see how much life you have left. We can also check any other potential issues.

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