How Wheel Misalignments Affect Your Vehicle

If your car pulls to one side when you put on the brakes, you could have wheel alignment problems. Road conditions that contribute to misalignment are hitting curbs and potholes. Wheels that are out of line cause uneven tire wear. Vibrations, when you steer, may also indicate alignment issues.

When you experience any of the above-mentioned signs, an auto mechanic can tell you if your wheels are misaligned. At the auto shop, a pro will use special equipment to take measurements. All auto manufacturers have specific alignment guidelines for car makes and models.

Wheels that are properly aligned mean having to buy new tires less often and a ride that’s straighter and safer. At your next oil change in our service center at Randy Wise Ford Inc., have your wheel alignment checked because everyday driving can cause it to. We can tell you how often to have wheels aligned.

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