Understanding Your Vehicle's Differential

All vehicles have a differential. The component is a gearbox positioned between the front or rear wheels and contains a series of gears. The part works in conjunction with the transmission to enable the front or rear-wheel drive vehicle supply power to the axle to turn the wheels. Four-wheel drive vehicles have front and rear differentials. The differential also plays a role when you turn, as it enables the outside wheels to turn faster to make the turn. Fluid in the differential prevents overheating while lubricating the gears.

The temperature and friction created in the differential commonly cause the deterioration of the fluid over time. Your owner's manual typically recommends when the transmission and differential should undergo an inspection.

If you notice unusual grinding or vibration, you need to bring it to the attention of one of the technicians at our Randy Wise Ford Inc. service center, so that we may inspect and diagnose the problem for drivers across the Ortonville, MI.

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