Get to Now the 2018 Ford Fusion Energi

The 2018 Ford Fusion Energi is one of the most popular plug-in hybrids on the road today. It's also one of the most innovative. This car incorporates some of the latest available technology to make your ride more efficient, safe and comfortable. Features include the SmartGauge, which shows you how much fuel has been returned to the battery. It also lets you know how efficient you're being, by displaying graphics of leaves.

For safety, the anti-lock brakes make stopping easy. This vehicle also incorporates a regenerative braking feature, which directs unused energy back to the battery. It's the ultimate in recycling and efficiency. A rear-view camera means you always know what you're backing up into. Features like speed-sensitive windshield wipers make getting around in bad weather easier, too.

Stop by our showroom at Randy Wise Ford Inc. to learn more. The best way to understand the remarkable technology incorporated in the Fusion Energi is to drive it yourself.



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