Room to Stretch Out in the Ford Escape

Not only is the Ford Escape a comfortable vehicle to ride in, but it also offers several convenience features to enjoy. There is plenty of room for your legs to stretch out whether you're driving or riding in Ortonville. You also have an ample amount of cargo space in the back, especially if you fold the rear seats down.

With the higher positioning of the seat, it's easier to see over the hood of the vehicle so that you can clearly see the road. The remote start is a feature that makes it easy to get everyone in the car while you start the vehicle at the same time.

A rearview camera lets you know if there is anything behind the SUV before you back up to prevent incidents from occurring. Blindspot detection is also a feature that you might enjoy, especially if you find it difficult to see the areas on each side of your vehicle while driving. Randy Wise Ford Inc. can show you other convenient features that you might enjoy while you're driving the Escape.



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