The 2019 Ford Mustang: Handling Like a Boss

The Ford Mustang is one of America's favorite sports cars. Our team here at Randy Wise Ford Inc. knows there's a lot more to Mustang than its famous performance. The 2019 Ford Mustang offers enhanced handling features that allow you to navigate most any road condition you encounter with precision.

Starting at $26,395, the new Mustang features an independent rear suspension that reduces body roll. It also identifies imperfections on the road, providing you with a responsive ride that allows you to handle whatever you encounter. With H-arms and aluminum-alloy rear knuckles, Mustang helps minimize unsprung mass.

With Mustang's dynamic engine performance, the range of brakes featured offer you solid stopping power for safety and expert handling.

If performance and power coupled with the enhanced ability to harness them for your on-road needs are what you're looking for, come see the Mustang in Ortonville today.



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