What Makes the Ford Edge So Capable?

Why do you see so many SUVs on the road? The reasons could fill up a book series. Active people love the spacious interiors to haul cargos. Parents find them to be the perfect family vehicles, while some hipsters find the look to be perfect. And of the many SUVs out there, the Ford Edge stands out. The vehicle's capabilities contribute to its popularity.

The Ford Edge not only offers all-wheel drive, but it also provides intelligent AWD. Built-in sensors keep tabs on traction, which is beneficial when road and weather conditions change for the worse. A unique torque balancing component further enhances traction.

Let the Ford Edge light up your life with Bi-LED fog and headlamps. You need to see the road, and you want others to see you. An exceptional lighting system helps both causes.

Come to Randy Wise Ford Inc. and help yourself to a test drive. We feel you'll enjoy the experience of driving a Ford Edge.


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